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I updated the Revelation server to 1.4.0 earlier this morning. Remember to update your client. 

If you experience any issues let me know.


Redlotus99 a posted Jan 25, 18


I just wanted to take some time to welcome the new people! 


If you applied to be whitelisted and you are over 18 and haven't had any previous bans on a server mostly likely you have been approved and have already been whitelisted on the server. All that is left to do is connect to the server and enjoy!

Most people have applied for the Revelations server, but if you have applied for the Direwolf20 server let me know and I can verify that you were whitelisted there also. Usually everyone that applied is added to both, but just in case there are any issues feel free to contact me and I'll gladly verify it.

Server News

Revelations 1.4.0 is out, but still in Beta I may upgrade to that here in the next couple of days. Normally maintenance is Tuesdays so I may wait until then to roll it out. I also plan to add ThutEssentials and ThutPerms as I had some requests to have the command /tpa.


We do have Discord if anyone is interested. Just let me know.

Thanks all and enjoy!


Servers and Additions

Redlotus99 a posted Jan 19, 18

I'm moving the Direwolf20 server to Server 2 and updating it and also wiping the map for anyone that is interested. I have also installed FTB Revelations onto Server 1.

I'll see if I can update the server monitor to show both servers.

Server Update

Utildayael aMember posted Nov 19, 17

Quick update: FTB Direwolf20 for MC 1.12 is up on the server [the normal Genesis one]. Red put it up a week or so ago so it is minty fresh. You can grab the pack from the usual places. Stock install, no crazy config edits or anything like that. Bunch of new mods from 1.12 including some new magic ones.


I have just reset the map and I am awaiting CurseForge to approve the modpack. The map seems stable, but I am questioning the server stability at the moment from a hardware standpoint as the CPU is hovering around 90% with just myself on the server with little to no movement. Now that is just via Multicraft which is known to state improper CPU usage so I am doing a little bit of testing to make sure it's ok.  

Feel free to jump on once Curse has updated the pack to 5.0.

Update: Server is up and running and seems ok

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Hello all.
too instail downlaod then "extract here" then open the folder and there will be a "assets" folder wich u then just copy into the texturepack you are using. If you need help just ask
hey all. If any you are intersted IV made a small texturepack plugin for journymap that will showthe embers golems and roots deers on the mini map. here the link [link]
Can't find the D20 ip anywhere, what is it?
I'll be taking another swing with the TPA later tonight when the server is empty :)
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