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Servers and Additions

Redlotus99 a posted Fri at 18:57

I'm moving the Direwolf20 server to Server 2 and updating it and also wiping the map for anyone that is interested. I have also installed FTB Revelations onto Server 1.

I'll see if I can update the server monitor to show both servers.

Server Update

Utildayael aMember posted Nov 19, 17

Quick update: FTB Direwolf20 for MC 1.12 is up on the server [the normal Genesis one]. Red put it up a week or so ago so it is minty fresh. You can grab the pack from the usual places. Stock install, no crazy config edits or anything like that. Bunch of new mods from 1.12 including some new magic ones.


I have just reset the map and I am awaiting CurseForge to approve the modpack. The map seems stable, but I am questioning the server stability at the moment from a hardware standpoint as the CPU is hovering around 90% with just myself on the server with little to no movement. Now that is just via Multicraft which is known to state improper CPU usage so I am doing a little bit of testing to make sure it's ok.  

Feel free to jump on once Curse has updated the pack to 5.0.

Update: Server is up and running and seems ok

Server Reset With Tweaks

Redlotus99 a posted Mar 30, 17

It looks like the majority decided to reset the map with tweaks. So with that said, we need to decide on what tweaks and changes need to be made in an effort to make the pack as we want. I'd suggest reviewing a number of things which include:

  • Any mods we don't want/need/like so that they can be removed.
  • Chunkloaders may need to be removed
  • Reduction in worldgen mods if possible, but not necessary
  • Tweaks in gameplay such as quarries and their removal
  • Any mod additions 

The list goes on, but you get the idea. I would like to trim out anything we can and do it prior to resetting the world and then things should go much smoother.  I feel the pack is pretty stable, I think it may just be some of the crazy stuff we do combined with some world corruption that may cause some of the issues we have. 

In the packs defense, I have had the same issue with many of the large mod packs over an extended amount of time where they would become slow or the world would start to have issues.

Anyways, Please post changes and tweaks to the forum post here:

Genesis 1.10.2 Pack Changes and Tweaks

Genesis Server - Feedback Needed

Utildayael aMember posted Mar 23, 17  -  News

This is never a fun post to make but as veteran modded MC players, I think we're all fairly used to this. As Redlotus noted in the Shoutbox, we've had a corrupt world for some time now. Best we can trace it back, it was when Agricraft was removed and has only gotten progressively worse over time. There are a lot of errors in the console log and overall server lag has increased quite a bit as folks have noticed.

The question, as is always the case, is what would folks like to do to remediate this? There are a few options we can look at and I would like to solicit thoughts on which direction overall everyone would like to go before we do anything.

  1. Reset the map. This is really the quick and dirty fix for our problems and gives us a clean slate. We would run the exact same pack we are running now.
  2. Reset the map w/ tweaks. Same as #1 but we can incorporate some pack changes to configs, mods, etc prior to worldgen. There are currently no plans to do any big pack changes to Genesis at this time but I'm sure some things could be accomodated, especially smaller things like config changes.
  3. Change packs. I haven't talked to Redlotus on this option so he can yell at me if I'm speaking out of line but if there was a strong desire by folks to run [insert whatever pack here] we could probably accomodate that. FInal call on that is up to Red but it certainly is an option. Some examples would be SkyFactory 3 or FTB Beyond [which is supposed to get Expert Mode soon (tm)]
  4. Do nothing. If folks are cool with how things are running now we can simply just keep running it as-is.

Please vote your voice of options 1-4 in the comments. If everyone goes for option 2 or 3 we'll need to get more feedback and work through that process but before that, just wanted to see where folks are at on this overall.


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